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Welcome to Omnesys

Omnesys Technologies is a leading provider of complete integration solutions. Whether you need to share information between disparate applications or require expert consultation to implement total business process integration, we can help. Our products and services are designed to allow seamless information flow not only among your internal applications, but also between you and your customers and vendors.

We offer a complete range of enterprise management and application integration solutions, backed by our innovative software libraries and methodologies.

Our Services


Choose the path that suits you best: We can create and package custom integration products, or provide licensing of our libraries, enabling your developers to build applications based on our proven technology. Our expert consultants excel in implementing turn-key solutions or collaborating with you to create a unique, tailored solution that precisely aligns with your requirements.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Technologies that allow a number of disparate business applications to work together in a seamless and timely manner

Enterprise Management

Alliances with leading vendors in the Enterprise Management sector allow us to build multi-vendor custom solutions tailored towards an organization's specific needs.

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