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Omnesys Meta Network Environment libraries (The OMNE) provide the means to create application infrastructures that accelerate the flow of data, increase reliability, reduce the expenditure of managing systems and make systems more expandable, productive, resilient and versatile.

The OMNE is a real-time enterprise-wide data distribution solution based on the anonymous publish/subscribe paradigm and featuring content-based message routing. It consists of a complete suite of pre-built applications and a library of interfaces to third party software. The OMNE offers full SSL compliance and native 64-bit architecture.

A core design emphasis of The OMNE is the promotion of content-based routing rather than subject-based routing. Subject (or topic)-based routing requires that publishers tag their messages in a way that makes them accessible to their subscribers (implying that they always know how all of their subscribers would like to view their messages). Content-based routing relieves this burden from publishers and enables the decision on how to get or view messages to be controlled entirely by subscribers.

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