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Enterprise Management

Leveraging our expertise in infrastructure integration, we provide solutions for management and monitoring of enterprise IT infrastructure. Our alliances with leading vendors in the Enterprise Management sector allows us to build multi-vendor custom solutions tailored towards an organization's specific needs.


Custom Solutions

Infrastructure management paradigms in organizations are moving from point solutions to comprehensive solutions which provide holistic views relating business processes to underlying IT infrastructure.

Omnesys' experienced consultants can help you build business centric or role centric management tools for your IT assets with intuitive custom user interfaces. We have expertise with products from leading commercial vendors as well as cost effective open source software that enables us to build solutions tailored to your budget and functionality needs.

Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

We have extensive experience in building and managing infrastructure solutions for the financial Services industry which we can integrate with 'best-of-breed' third-party products to create powerful enterprise management solutions for this industry.

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